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About Xiangtai Scavenging ISO Audit Factory

March 30, 2023

About Xiangtai Scavenging ISO Audit Factory

ISO9000 development in China:
The reason why quality certification develops so fast in the world is the function of the basic law of market economy internally, and the external reason is the intensification of the quality competition in the global business war, as well as the middle area of the world economic pattern
Intensification of regional competition. Certification itself is the product of market economy, but also one of the components of market economy system. Under the condition of planned economy, quality certification system is impossible to be implemented. This is by
First, in the market economy system, the enterprise as the main body of the market, there will be trust and inquiry between enterprises, how to obtain the trust of the buyer? The early way is the second party to speak line audit
The kernel. In order to place an order, large buyers in Western countries will first send quality assurance personnel to evaluate the seller's quality system. This need for second - party audit promotes the emergence of third - party certification
Second, for the need of macro-control, the government is bound to intervene in the market behavior, and it is necessary to emphasize the standardization of the star market order. Planned economy regulates enterprises, and directly intervenes in enterprises
To achieve an end; Market regulation is the market behavior, production or not is their own business. However, whether the product has a logo or whether it can be circulated in the market must be tested by the market. This requires
A third party independent of the buyer and seller makes a fair assessment that the operation of the market requires a standardized quality management system and product quality evaluation method. As the market economy matures.
Standardization, quality certification needs to be born, and become a part of the market economy system.
First, the responsibility certification city enterprise management behavior, the rule of man "home is now to the" rule of law "change, because in accordance with the 50900 requirements, the production of product quality, the formation of the whole process set
And to the various departments, as well as all the staff responsible for quality, there are strict procedures to standardize their behavior in the quality activities, so as to achieve the purpose of effective management, to achieve from the factory director
(Manager) until the behavior management of each employee is standardized and institutionalized.

As a leading manufacturer of Air Purifier, Xiangtai scavenging is a diversified innovative company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It has nearly 30 independent R&D and innovation patents including invention patents. Our company established a quality management system in accordance with the?ISO9001、ISO13485、BSCI、SGS、EPA?standard.?Products have CE, CB, ROHS, ETL, FCC and other important certifications.Air purifier series covers purification, disinfection, sterilization and other functions.

So today,We have ushered in the ISO audit again.And wish us success in passing the review.