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Coronavirus: can an air purifier protect you?

November 28, 2022

While there's some evidence air purifiers can reduce traces of airborne viruses, research is ongoing, and you shouldn't rely on one to protect you from Covid-19.

At the start of the pandemic, worried people were - understandably - looking for products to reduce the risk of getting Covid-19, and we saw a spike in online traffic for air purifiers.

Nearly two years on and concerns about contracting the virus have dropped considerably. This is largely thanks to a successful vaccination programme that's provided higher protection from serious symptoms, and a greater understanding of the virus itself.

All the same, nobody wants to be unwell if they can avoid it, and avoiding contracting the virus will still be important to many.

But while recent studies have indicated that air purifiers can reduce traces of airborne viruses such as Covid-19, the advice we gave two years ago remains the same: you shouldn't solely rely on an air purifier to filter out coronavirus in your home. Ventilation and good hygiene practices (such as frequent hand washing) remain the most effective ways to protect yourself.

What we do know is that air purifiers can potentially help improve your air quality in other ways. Read on to find out more about the latest research on coronavirus and air purifiers, plus free ways you can breathe cleaner air at home.