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Have you really used the air purifier that you can't live without in winter?

November 24, 2023

With the coming of the winter festival, do you feel that the foggy weather is beginning to increase? Outside, what we can do now is to wear a mask, and when we get home, we need to open an air purifier to alleviate the indoor air condition. Although in recent years, more and more people have begun to use air purifiers, compared with other household appliances, air purifiers are still new, and many people still have some misunderstandings in their use. So, let's take a look at the misunderstandings you may encounter when using air purifiers today
Misuse 1: put it against the wall
As we know, the working principle of air purifier is to suck gas in, enter the machine for adsorption and filtration, and finally release the treated gas. In this process, the air intake greatly affects the efficiency of air purification, which depends not only on the working efficiency of the air purifier fan, but also on the placement of the purifier
Don't put it against the wall.
It must be remembered that the air purifier cannot be placed close to the wall. At present, most of the air purifiers on the market are cuboid or cube in appearance, and air is sucked from the side of the machine. If the suction surface of the purifier is placed against the wall, at least one suction surface will be blocked, so the air intake will be greatly reduced, and certain purification efficiency will definitely be lost, which is why general air purifiers will be marked to be placed 20cm away from the wall.
In addition, if you put the air purifier on the wall, it is easy to absorb some dust in the corner, which will affect the efficiency of the purifier.
Solution: It is best to place the air purifier 1-2 meters away from the wall.
Misuse 2: Do not change the filter element for a long time.
The core part of the air purifier that can filter harmful air such as smog is the use of air filter. If there is no air filter , the air purifier is equivalent to no "heart", only a fan, and dirty air comes in and dirty air goes out, which is useless at all. Therefore, the filter element is very important to the air purifier, and it should be maintained, cleaned and replaced frequently.
But many people don't realize this, thinking that they can buy the air purifier once and for all, just open it and use it. But just like a lung, if you inhale a lot of harmful gases for a long time, a healthy lung will not be able to bear it sooner or later, but the lung can not be washed by washing. However, if the filter element is not changed for a long time, the pollutants accumulated on it will breed a lot of bacteria and viruses, and then these bacteria and viruses will be blown back indoors, and the indoor air will be worse。
The question is, how often should the filter be changed? This mainly depends on the frequency of everyone's use. If the air quality in your place is good all year, you don't need to change it frequently, just change it according to the use time given by its brand. However, if it is in a place with serious pollution, the replacement frequency may be more frequent. It is generally recommended to be 3-6 months. If it is heavily polluted, it is necessary to shorten the time and ensure the purification effect.
Solution: Replace the filter element regularly according to the use situation.
Misuse three: ready to use
I think many people will have an operation when using the air purifier, that is, when you think the air quality is not good, you will turn on the air purifier. But you should know that even if the air purifier is turned on, it will take some time to purify the surrounding air, and it will not get better immediately after the air is turned on. Usually, it takes at least 20 minutes for a room of 50 square meters to reach the standard level. Of course, it also depends on the air quality。
Solution: Use APP to open the air purifier early.
Misuse 4: Turn off the purifier after the air quality reaches the standard.
The older generation at home may often do this. When the air conditioner is turned on and feels cool, turn off the air conditioner and turn off the lights as soon as people leave the room. Although it seems to save electricity, it may do harm to electrical appliances if it is restarted frequently. Similarly, if you see that the index on the air purifier reaches an excellent level and you turn it off directly, I'm sorry, but the index just dropped will still rise before long.
Because even if you close the windows and doors, the indoor PM2.5 concentration will gradually increase, which is the same as turning on the air conditioner. If you turn off the air conditioner, its temperature will still gradually increase. Only by continuously turning on the air purifier can the purification effect reach a stable state。
Solution: Turn on the air purifier continuously.
Misuse 5: Over-reliance on purifiers
It is wrong to turn off the purifier after the air quality reaches the standard, so it is right to use it all the time? Actually, it's not right, because you have to close the doors and windows when you use the air purifier, but if the outdoor air is good, closing the doors and windows for a long time will not benefit the indoor air quality. Therefore, if the outdoor air quality is good, we can completely turn off the air purifier, open the doors and windows, and ventilate, which is better than using the air purifier only.
Solution: timely open the window for ventilation.
It can be said that the use of air purifiers can effectively protect our health when the air quality cannot be changed at present, especially in autumn and winter. Of course, at the same time, we should also avoid misunderstandings and use air purifiers more scientifically, so that they can give full play to their optimal performance and improve our air quality more quickly and effectively. Have you made the above mistakes in use? It doesn't matter, just change it quickly