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New Standards And New Specifications For Air Purifiers

March 21, 2023

New Standards And New Specifications For Air Purifiers

The CADR value was once the core standard for evaluating the performance of air purifiers, but as more functions and scenarios are covered, the number of criteria used to describe performance has increased. The CADR value alone has been increased from the original only for particulate matter to formaldehyde, toluene, pollen, virus and other indicators. However, due to noise control and product volume, there is little difference between different brands.

Regarding the most widely recognized formaldehyde, there is a parameter CCM value specially used to describe the purification efficiency of formaldehyde. CCM (cumulative purification volume) can directly represent the cumulative purification capacity of the product against specific pollutants such as formaldehyde. This parameter has been widely accepted by the industry with the implementation of the new national standard for air purifiers. Only when combined with CADR can it represent the specific pollutant purification performance.