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Two basic factors about how to pick up an air purifier.

August 29, 2022



Living healthy is always the first thing to be considered in our daily life and to live with clean air is the key matter to make a contribution.


Air purifiers made by XiangTai Scavenging provide you with a healthy living space as they clean the air around you. They are capable of monitoring the air quality and eliminating the dust,smoke,pollen,odor and others that may do harm to your lungs to ensure you're always breathing fresh air.


Wherever you are at home,in the office,in the car or at any other places,XiangTai Scavenging has all kinds of Air Purifiers to fit in.Custom-made models are available as well for the orders of large quantities.


Choosing a proper Air Purifier may be a headache to many of the consumers especially to those who buy for their first time as there are thousands of brands in different prices from different stores.Base on your acknowledgment of what the AP is designed for(There are purifiers for allergies, asthma, smoke, pets, odor, chemicals, volatile organic compounds, and more.We will talk about this on another article),we got you two practical suggestions on how to pick up the right Air Purifier whilst paying less and cleaning better.


How big a space you wanna put in with an Air Purifier is the primary consideration for your purchase.Most of the APs provide a recommendation space,so just look for what fits yours.Keep searching if you happen to find one that doesn’t even tell a recommendation space.Keep your searching as well if you find it too much to afford.


Another utmost concerned value you need to check is the CADR(From Wikipedia:The clean air delivery rate (CADR) is a figure of merit that is the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air that has had all the particles of a given size distribution removed).The higher the CADR is,the better.

Keep those two numbers(Applicable Area and CADR) in mind when you are going to choose one of the Air Purifiers.Because they are really decisive with how efficiently your Air Purifier is gonna work in the given space.Pick the higher numbers from the same price or pick the lower price from the same numbers.


As a real factory of Air Purifiers we mainly focus on the manufacturings instead of the advertisings.So we are saving the costs of all kinds of ads for the improvements of our production in the workshops.We may not being as prevailed as the big brands for the end-use customers,but for the global wholesalers or the regional distributors we are getting more and more popular to be their first choice of sourcing suppliers.