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What Aspects Should We Pay Attention To Wnen Choosing The Right Air Purifier For Ourselves?

December 6, 2022

What Aspects Should We Pay Attention To Wnen Choosing The Right Air Purifier For Ourselves?

Due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, the air purifier has undergone many updates. It has evolved from the original purification of haze, PM2.5 etc air particles to the purification of air particles, but also can kill bacteria, remove formaldehyde, toluene, odor, smoke, dust, filter pollen, pet hair etc. With the continuous upgrading of air purifier, people's demand for air purifier is also rising, but there are still many people do not know how to choose the right air purifier for themselves, for example, do not know which indicators and parameters to look at. Today, I am going to comb through 5 points to help you preferably choose the air purifier.

1. Sterilization Rate

For families with weak resistance, such as the elderly and children, air sterilization is a top priority, because the bacteria in the air affect people all the time, especially similar to E. coli, Influenza A, Staphylococcus Albicans, etc.
The sterilization rate is generally the higher the better, the sterilization rate of more than 99% air purifier can be selected on demand.

2. CADR Value

CADR value is the output ratio of clean air. The higher its value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier. It is commonly used to represent the purification efficiency of the air purifier, so it can be said to represent the purification capacity of an air purifier. The specific value depends on the type of air purifier. For a small purifier like desktop air purifier, the CADR value of particulate matter is greater than 100, and the CADR value of formaldehyde is greater than 50, which is relative good level.

3. Noise

Because of the practicality of the air purifier, it can not only be used in the office but also in the home, which derermines that its noise value (dB) can not be too high, otherwise it can affect the office and life. Generally speaking, it should not exceed 55dB during the day and 35dB at night, otherwise it may affect the work and life, especially sleep at night.

4. The Filter Level & Spread Area

Filter level, in the selection of filter optimized HEAP high efficiency filter, and household air purifier in H12 or above is enough, the higher the level proved to be able to filter out more particulate impurities. The larger the spread area of filter, represent the higher its capacity to accommodate pollutants, which also means that its service life is correspondingly longer.

5. Others (Timing, Air Intake Mode, Applicable Area, etc.)

Timing, the air purifier with timing mode will be more energy saving, as long as the first set, even if the person leaves the seat will automatically turn off, energy saving and worry saving. Air intake mode, the different ways of air intake will also affect the purification efficiency to a certain extent. The applicable area of the mainstream air purifier is mostly between 20-80 squre meters. We can choose by ourselves according to our own needs. The more the purification area, the greater the power.

The above 5 points are understood and understood. I believe that how to choose an air purifier will be clear.