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Home Hepa UV Air Purifier Ozone Deodorizer Negative Ion Carbon Filter

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Xiangtai
Certification: SGS-CB/CE-LVD-EMC/TUV-ROHS/NB-REDcommands/UVlight 36752photovoltaic ; ETL+CETL/ITS /FCC
Model Number: XT-A07
Minimum Order Quantity: 500
Price: Negotiated price
Packaging Details: Carton Size: 330*330*635mm;Quantity one container:20GP:306pcs 40GP:630pcs 40HQ:840pcs 45HQ:1148pcs
Delivery Time: 35-40
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 45000
Function: Negative Ion Filtration: Hepa H12
Filtration Filter: Activated Carbon Filtration: Primary Filter
Sterilizer: Ozone CADR: 350M3/H

Home Hepa UV Air Purifier Ozone Deodorizer Negative Ion Carbon Filter



Product Description


·Support air purify PM2.5 particle,negative ion purification,UVC sterilization ·Rated Power:40W Voltage:100-240V50/60Hz
Home Hepa UV Air Purifier Ozone Deodorizer Negative Ion Carbon Filter 0·Support filter replacement reminder ·Fan Speed:3 gears
·Support 3 speed adjustment ·Applicable Area:36m²
·Support PM2.5 digital real-time monitoring display ·CADR:300m³/h
·Air quality sensing ambient lamp ·Removal Rate of Staphylococcus Albus:99.5%
·Support intelligent automatic mode ·Removal Rate of Airborne Bacteria:99.35%


Quick Destails:


1. O3 Ozone sterilizer

2. Negative Ion

3. Hepa H12/H13

4. Product size: Ø270*532mm

5. Voltage:100-240v/50~60Hz

6. Motor:DC motor

7. fitration dimension: φ195.5*φ135*278.4mm

8. · N.W./G.W.:4.7KG / 6.0KG


What benefit of the air purifier?

Q. What’s a HEPA filter and can it catch particles as small as a coronavirus?

A: HEPA is the international gold standard for filtering particles—it means that 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns in diameter are trapped. For context, a human hair is 50 microns across. The HEPA standard is more than 100 times smaller because it’s more difficult to trap particles that are smaller or bigger because of the physics of filtration. Masks and filters are not sieves, and snagging a virus is not like panning for gold. Particles either flow past or stick to the fibers in a filter based on their inertia or ability to diffuse toward the fiber.


So yes, HEPA filters can catch particles that contain coronaviruses. People expel droplets of respiratory fluid, saliva, and possibly viruses into the air when breathing, coughing, and talking. Even if the water in the droplet evaporates, the droplets contain salts, proteins, and other material in addition to any virus, which means the remaining particles are typically a few microns in size, making them fairly easy to trap with a HEPA filter.

Function Feature

· Support filter replacement reminder

· Air quality sensing ambient lamp

. Support intelligent automatic mode
· Support air purification,formaldehyde purification,negative ion sterilizing purification,PM2.5 particle purification.
· Support intelligent automatic mode,timer mode
. ·Support display mode/LED touch screen display


Details Parameters

· Rated Full Power : 40W DC Voltage:100-240V/50~60Hz
. Removal rate of staphylococcus albus : 99.90%

. Removal rate of natural air bacteria : 99.35%
· Formaldehyde Purification Principle: Ozone generator(decomposition)
· Standard Color:Frosted silver+black (customized color)
. EU Certificates(SGS-CB/CE-LVD-EMC/TUV-ROHS/NB-RED directive/UV optical radiation); North America Certificates(ETL+CETL Ozone Test/ITS)


Home Hepa UV Air Purifier Ozone Deodorizer Negative Ion Carbon Filter 1



Contact Details

Phone Number : +8618124810081