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Portable Office Ozone Hepa Filter UV Air Purifier Humidification

Basic Information
Place of Origin: GUANGDONG,CHINA
Brand Name: Customized
Certification: CB CE ETL CETL ROHS FCC
Model Number: XT-KJ070A
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: CARTONS 210*210*375mm 1560pcs/3240pcs/4080pcs/5160pcs
Delivery Time: 30-45 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50000 pcs per month
Product Name: Ozone Air Purifier Function: UV Sterilizer
Filter Style: Hepa Filter Usage: Office Desktop Home Room
Product Style: Humidification Brand: Customization


Portable Office Ozone Hepa Filter UV Air Purifier Humidification



Ozone Air Purifier Details Description


Product Model XT-KJ070A
Voltage 100-240V
Rated Power 11W
Sensor Dust Infrared Sensor
Motor DC Motor
Material ABS Plastic



Ozone Air Purifier Function


1. Support air purification, PM2.5 particle sterilization and humidification
2. Support reminder of filter replacement

3. Support three speed adjustment

4. Support PM2.5 digital real-time monitoring display

5. Support intelligent automatic mode

6. Support display mode LED touch screen display

7. Support sleep mode/mute mode

8. Support child lock function



Ozone Air Purifier Parameters


1.Rated power: 11W
2.Voltage: 100-240V/50/60Hz

3.Wind speed: three speed
4.Applicable area: 10㎡
5.Particulate clean air CADR: 100m³/h
6.Staphylococcus alicum removal rate 99.9%
7.Air natural bacteria removal rate 99.35%
8.Color: ivory white (color can be customized)

9.Sensor type: dust infrared sensor



About Ozone Air Purifier 


Despite manufacturers' claims, ozone air purifiers don't remove asthma triggers from the air. In fact, inhaled ozone can make asthma worse.
Ozone generators sold as air purifiers intentionally produce the gas ozone. Ozone can mask odors by changing the chemical composition of particles or other gasses in the air, making the air seem fresher and cleaner. However, ozone generators don't actually filter out the small particles that trigger asthma.
Inhaling ozone, even in small amounts, can irritate the lungs. Specific effects may include throat irritation, coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath, as well as an increased risk of respiratory infections.
Some ozone air purifiers are made with an ion generator, sometimes called an ionizer, in the same unit. You can also buy ionizers as separate units. Ionizers do remove particles from the air. They do this by causing particles to attach to nearby surfaces or to each other and settle out of the air — but they may generate unwanted ozone.
Air filters that remove small particles — such as high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters — are effective in removing allergens from the air, without posing any ozone concerns. To work effectively, filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly, according to the manufacturer's instructions.


A 2021 systematic reviewTrusted Source suggests that UV air purifiers that also use a HEPA filter may be effective at removing bacteria from the air. However, the researchers also point out that there is not enough evidence investigating whether UV and HEPA air purifiers can protect against respiratory illnesses.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that people should not buy air purifiers that emit ozone. These can include UV air purifiers, electrostatic precipitators, ionizers, and plasma air purifiers.
Ozone is a colorless gas that is naturally present in the Earth’s atmosphere and protects people from the Sun’s harmful UV rays. However, the air pollutants and chemical reactions can still lead to ozone formation at ground level.
Ozone pollution can cause symptoms such as:
sore throat
inflammation of the airways
worsening symptoms of lung disease
worsening asthma symptoms


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